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I thoroughly enjoying writing my blog, as I get to find out about any number of subjects and discuss them in some exquisite length – usually because I find out so much about the subject that I just want to continue writing about it until I run out of facts, or my keyboard gives up the ghost, whichever comes first.

When I first starting blogging here, and on my predecessor site, I was intrigued about how I would have enough to write about. Where would I find the information from? Where would my ideas come from? How would I ever be able to generate the amount of ideas that would make the blog diverse enough to sustain a level of interest in whatever random utterances came from my head onto the keyboard?

Well, somehow I’ve managed it; I’ve tried to create a blog that’s varied, interesting, and at least vaguely entertaining. I also get to track the level of engagement I’ve had with each post, so I know what sort of things interest my followers, and I’m starting to notice a very direct theme; posts on subjects that I’m most passionate about seem to be the ones that get the most hits.

Whether that’s the passion for that comes across more vividly, or because people are searching more for those topics and I just don’t realise that they’re quite so popular, I just don’t know. My data doesn’t go that deep, and I can’t guarantee that I won’t get the answer wrong it I just pick one at random. I don’t suppose it matters that much; what matters, at least to me, it that certain topics attract so much more attention than others, and those correlate to the ones I want to wrote more of, due to my own passion for the topics.

Whether this is a coincidence or that there’s something more deep and complex behind it, I’m being steered in one particular direction; to redirect my energies into making this blog, at least for the moment, in a more specialist one, rather than continuing as a general interest one. It’s certainly worth a go, as it still feels like I’ve got much to say. There’ll be a certainly irony if I come to write and find that I¬†can’t find enough to discuss on what I care most about, and yet I found it much easier than I expected to write on a wider degree of things.

I’ve always wanted to have a variety of subjects on here, and always aimed – wherever possible – to keep this blog as “time proof” as possible, in that I’ve usually shied away from current affairs or anything that had a short life span, preferring to think about bigger topics that could stand the test of time, whilst still having a more immediate flavour when something was in the news which it could could apply to.

Because of the feedback I’ve seen on my blog, I’ve spent some time thinking about what I could be writing about. I feel that it’s time to be more concise and focused, on more specialist subjects, so that’s what I now intend to do; strip down the field of my blog to a certain degree, but also – I hope – be more outspoken, if that’s possible.

From now, my blog will be focused on a few main areas;

Writing – I’ll comment on writing styles, reviews, changes in publishing styles, and everything I come across in the literary world.

Disability – This is obviously a sincere passion of mine because of my dyspraxia, which I prefer to think of as a difference rather than a disability, but now I’ll be broadening my reach and discussing disability rights and welfare in greater depth.

Sexuality – Another genuine interest of mine because of my own sexuality, or lack of it to be more precise. I’m fascinated by the spectrum, and intend to investigate it in a lot more depth.

Religion vs Atheism – My fourth passion, and one that I want to challenge in more detail. Not, as such, looking at my own personal atheism, but how science and clear-headed thinking, reason, and science is being assaulted by the on-going knuckleheads in religious circles. This, in a way, is the final interest, but in some ways the most important; without a scientifically-literate work force, we’ll lapse into stupidity and ruin, and that must be resisted at every stop. I’ll play a tiny part, I have no illusions over that, but a part I will play.

So that’s my view on my writing style for my blog; it’ll be more focused and intense, in a way, but I hope still with a frisson of humour as well from time to time. I’d hate to take myself too seriously¬†all the time; I leave that to my fiction.

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