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I wrote recently about being an interviewer for Thanet Writers, and it’s an experience that works best when it’s fresh and in the moment – preferably without the interviewee knowing what the questions are going to be in advance. I like the immediacy of them being confronted by the questions without any prior warning – you get more honesty.

All that is perfectly fine, of course,¬†until I was told – unexpectedly – that I was going to be interviewed for the Thanet Writers’ Youtube channel myself. That added an entirely new dimension to the evening I’d got planned, which I thought was going to be me asking questions of the excellent Sam Kaye (no, he really is, you should check out his website) and then sloping off home to read a chapter or two of a rather intriguing book I’ve just started.

But then The Producer emerged from the depths of his office where he plots his evil deeds, and declared that I was also going to be interviewed, this time by Sam in an apparent revenge-style questioning in return for my questioning of him. I’ve made that last bit up entirely; The Producer wasn’t that menacing or threatening, and revenge questioning was the last thing on Sam’s mind. I’m not even entirely sure revenge questioning’s actually real, but if it gets invented, please do remember that I was the one who came up with the idea.

I came out in cold sweats at the merest thought of being interviewed; I don’t actually enjoy being the centre of attention, ironically. However, now I was being given the chance to talk about myself for a while, and I initially resisted; I really disliked the thought. I suspect that The Producer, maniacal genius that he is, guessed that and reassured me that I was being interviewed purely about my experiences with an independent publishing house – Inspired Quill – and how the last few years had evolved in terms of our experiences and relationship.

Now¬†that I could talk about, because it’s something that I’m interested in; I like discussing the opportunities I’ve had and sharing my experiences with people who are interested in a growing sector. When previously it was just the Big Six and their imprints who could control what was distributed in the market, new publishing houses are taking the chance in an increasingly-diverse market. As a result, it’s lovely to see new opportunities for writers; could I ever have been published without the opportunities of independent publishing houses? I very much doubt it.

So yes, I thoroughly enjoyed the ability to discuss my experiences, and it was actually rather fun after a while. Sam was a confident interviewer, and had been only briefed an hour or so before himself – nothing like throwing us in the deep end, but that’s The Producer for you; cruel and rather evil. But I can understand his thinking; I suspect he knew what I was like, and didn’t want me overthinking it too much. Cunning so and so.

Well, now that that’s out the way, I’m reassured that I won’t be needed to being on the receiving end of any questions for quite some time. The Producer has plans for the next eighteen months, so I’m rather guaranteed to be safe and avoid having to answer anything about myself. Phew.

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