J.K. Rowling

Bryan (my brilliant son) and I love the Harry Potter series, and he wanted to find out more about the woman who write it. So here, in Bryan’s own words, are some facts about J K Rowling.

Rowling’s first name is Joanne, but her friends call her Jo for short. The ‘K’ stands for Kathleen, which is her grandmother’s name. You would think the name Kathleen would be her middle name, but she doesn’t have one!

Her publisher thought that children wouldn’t read her books because she was a female. Because of that, she hid her gender behind her initials.

J.K. Rowling is still alive! She was born in Gloucestershire, England, in 1965.

She first thought of Harry Potter in 1990 when she was 25, and The Philosopher’s Stone was released in 1997 when she was 32. When all seven Harry Potter books were released, in 2007, she was 42.

She started writing at the age of six, and wrote about a rabbit called Rabbit. She thought of Harry Potter when her train was delayed, going from Manchester to King’s Cross, London.

There are lots and lots of people who act in the Harry Potter films, and here is a list of some of them;

Daniel Radcliff – Harry Potter

Emma Watson – Hermione Granger

Rupert Grint – Ronald Weasley

Ralph Fiennes – Lord Voldemort

Tom Felton – Draco Malfoy

Richard Harris & Michael Gambon – Dumbledore

Helen McRory – Narcissa Malfoy

Jason Isaacs – Lucius Malfoy

Imelda Staunton – Dolores Umbridge

Maggie Smith – Minerva McGonagall

Gary Oldman – Sirius Black

David Thewlis – Remus Lupin

Timothy Spall – Peter Pettigrew

Matthew Lewis – Neville Longbottom

Bonnie Wright – Ginny Weasley

Chris Rankin – Percy Weasley

Oliver Phelps – George Weasley

James Phelps – Fred Weasley

Mark Williams – Arthur Weasley

Julie Walters – Molly Weasley

Alex Crockford – Charlie Weasley

Domhnal Gleeson – Bill Weasley

Evana Lynch – Luna Lovegood

Katie Leung – Cho Chang

Warwick Davis – Filius Flitwick

Robbie Coltrane – Rubeus Hagrid

CGI – Grawp the Giant

Georgina Leonidas / Emily Dale – Katie Bell

David Bradley – Argus Filch

Jim Broadbent – Horace Slughorn

Dave Legeno – Fenrir Grayback

Adrian Rawlings – James Potter

Geraldine Somerville – Lily Potter

Ray Fearon – Firenze

Michael Wildman – Magorian

Jason Piper – Bane

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