Let’s Start Again

I have a website, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, an Instagram site which is linked to the previous two; I’m very modern. I’ve even heard of Snapchat, although I’m still hazy on the details of how that works.

I remember a time when none of these existed; I was in my very late teens before I received a mobile phone, and in my early thirties before a smart phone was something on my radar. Dial-up internet, laptops which were weighty affairs with a memory the size of a small colony of goldfish, and floppy disks were the advent of my generation’s technical awareness.

As a result, I remain in a somewhat perpetual state of awe at the advances in technology since the dawn of the millennium – really, since the end of the weirdly-named noughties. The generation or two after me (I’m 37 – I can no longer pretend that I am in the first flush of youth, nor that I belong to the youngest generation on the planet) are complete naturals with technology, which had become integrated into their lives.

Social media is an important part of their lives because socialising is so important – and I’m quite sincere when I say that. When I was living through more primitive times, social events were planned during school hours or over the landline phone (and I always avoided them, but that’s another story), but now we can all be in constant contact with social networking that allows for instant communication and ongoing entertainment – podcasts, youtube producers, soundcloud … and other platforms that are constantly evolving.

Podcasts are the newest form of information, entertainment, enlightment. I joined the charge rather late, but I have my favourites now; I’m an avid fan of history, politics, and fiction podcasts. I’ve wanted to do a podcast of my own one day, but given my tendency to get obsessive over subjects I’m interested in, I’d want to do it with someone on a regular basis. That’s a work in progress …

But I have this rather colourful website; it’s no podcast, but it was crafted by a friend of mine who understands these things far better than me (Adam Tinnion, you are a lovely man). I suspect he also despairs of my technical abilities; it’s possible, when he discusses the digital world with me, that he can see the blankness behind my eyes signifying the gaps in my knowledge. But I know what I know, and I am proud to be the owner of a website; it’s here to promote my writing, but with a very narrow focus.

Initially, when it was first designed for me, I considered it a promo tool, and the blog element was something of a bolt on. But I also took advice from people who know more than me, and I wrote about stuff – not always stuff that I knew personally, but on topics that interested me enough to researcb them.

But then I started writing in different places, and my website became neglected. I have things published at the Thanet Writers‘ site a lot more, and I write a weekly column for the Isle of Thanet News. I’ve also covered a lot of the big things I wanted to write about on this site, and the mind of a writer can ofter be a fickle one; I didn’t know what else to talk about. My mind was filled with stories for my next book, the next article, the next … and so on.

But perhaps I have a gap in my mind, or at least I’m able to multi-task better. I’m not sure which, but either is pleasing; I can finally consider what to do with this site and how I can exercise my writing muscles.

I’m currently waiting for revisions from the Lord Protector (MD in Old Speak) at Inspired Quill for my next book, due out towards the end of 2019, and my work with Thanet Writers as an editor and director, and the Isle of Thanet News as a columnist, remains unabashed – but now I can stretch my writing style to something of a journal-style blog here on my website. My life can often be an odd place, and perhaps sharing parts of it with a readership will reassure me that I’m not going entirely mad – or, if I am, that at least I’ll have company during the process.

So watch out for a more active site and, as always, if there’s anything you’d like to contribute or suggest, then I’m all ears.

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