My list of publication credits so far;


  1. Fall From Grace (Inspired Quill, 2011)
  2. Leap of Faith (Inspired Quill, 2013)

Regular Contributor

1. Word Count Podcast

2. Hearing Times Newspaper

 Guest Columnist

1. The Lime Magazine

  • October 2010; Dyspraxia – Living With The Condition
  • February 2011; BSL & Dyspraxia – Emotion

2. Broadie Magazine

3. Deal Web

4. Deafness, Batteries & a CI

5. European Deaf Youth Magazine

Short Fiction Columns

1. The Horror Zine

2. Ethereal Times, Volume 10

Fiction Anthologies

1. Daily Bites of Flesh 2011: 365 Days of Horrifying Flash Fiction (Phil Hill Press, 2011)

2. Chivalry is Dead (May December Publications, 2011)

If you want to know a little more about me, I’ve been interviewed by the following, very lovely, people;

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