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I talk about my son a lot, because I’m incredibly proud of him. It’s a joy to be Bryan’s dad, and I want to tell people just how much of a joy I find it. But I’ve never shared my son’s journey into care, because that’s his story to tell if he ever chooses. He must have the right to keep things private.

I’ve had to be really careful what I write about; there are certain things that need to be off-limits, but others that aren’t. I have to be guided by what I feel is right, and what common sense tells me the natural boundary should be.

My guiding philosophy is a simple one; if my son decides to read my blog when he’s older, what will he make of it? Will he think, “Dad does go on a bit, doesn’t he?” I’ll happily take that critique, mostly because it’s true, but if he’s thinking that, then he won’t be thinking that I’ve gone too far down a particular path.

Being mindful of my son’s privacy is vital. When he wants to connect with social media – as I presume he will, like the majority of his friends – I will have a conversation with him about that. There are people on Facebook that it’s not right he connects with, and I need to make sure he understands why.

My son, if you do ever decide to read this blog, let me direct a comment towards you; every decision I have taken on your behalf has been based on love, a desire to keep you safe, and a desire to give you as normal a life as possible. This blog might give you some insight into what brought us together; you were wanted, and you still are, no matter what journey we have been on. I’m proud of you, and I love you very much.

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