The Journey to the Front of the Clothes Rail

Kani Kundu is a good friend of mine, and is also very clever ad erudite. Over the past few months, she has gone on something of a life-altering change in regards to her relationship with food, and it’s a fascination we both share. Kani’s written about her experiences, and I really want people to read what she’s put, as she has something rather inspirational to say.

I love food. Yes that’s quite a statement, but it’s so true! Food is an incredibly powerful part of every human being, plant and animal. It has the power not only to keep us alive but also to bring us together with long lost friends, have romantic moments with our one true love or make everlasting memories around the family dining table. We all romanticise over moments like these and they further emphasise the power that a concoction of minerals and vitamins holds over the human race as a whole. Like many other girls, and boys on that note, my love affair with food has been present for as long as I can remember. Trying new things, the incredible sensual sensation that you get when experiencing a new culture, it’s fantastically special.

In January this year I took the decision to change the way I live, to get fitter and lose a few pounds. At this point you may think that this is just another pie in the sky New Year’s resolution. To be honest, when I was considering it, I thought the same. I have always been active and loved being out and about but now it was time go to the next level. This meant that I had to make one, very difficult change in my life, food. I have an absolutely wicked sweet tooth, whether it be chocolate, caramel, ice cream, it doesn’t matter, I could scoff the lot. But of course I knew I had to be strong enough to be able to control this yummyness from passing my lips. The people who know me will tell you that I am unbelievably stubborn and even harder on myself to ensure I get the results that I want, but chocolate, that could break me.

So during the first week of January 2017, I made a huge step into the dieting world with my very best friend by joining a Slimming World group. The new member talk with the lovely consultant made everything sound so easy. I could eat as much of the ‘free’ stuff that I wanted and could still have some sweet things to satisfy the cravings. It sounded amazing and just like with a perfectly choreographed sales pitch, I was sold. I was straight on it on the first week and I knew that in order to keep me interested, I had to have a cracking first week and after a 4.5lb loss, I was ecstatically happy. I was getting into the swing of it and was not going to let anything get in my way to succeeding in my dreams.

Now that I had adapted to the new way of eating, come March it was time to step it up a gear. I love swimming and walking but wanted more. The gym was calling. Within a couple of minutes my initial taster session with my amazing Personal Trainer and my incredible crazy friend, I was hooked. It has allowed me to develop my strengths and build on my weaknesses. It is the ideal opportunity to let off steam after a tough day at work and get fitter and fitter in the process. We are now 5 months into this crazy fitness journey and I’m loving every second.

All of this ongoing hard work may be down to pure bloody mindedness, stubbornness and craziness, but It has been the most incredible life changing journey I have every faced. It’s not easy but it would be incredibly boring if it was. The difficulty is something that makes the rewards so much sweeter. I often think back to that evening back at the beginning of January where I was drawn in by the promise of being able to eat and eat and not be hungry and think that if my journey had been that simple, I would be bored. We all set out on our own individual track with twists and turns along the way and only we as individuals can determine the final destination.

Now being four stone six pounds lighter and four dress sizes smaller, I am slowly approaching the front of the clothes rail which as a girl, is the most lovely place to be.

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