What Does A Good Teacher Look Like?

So what should a good teacher look like? I don’t mean physically – they can be tall or short, fat or thin, male or female, black or white – but how they are when they’re in the classroom.

I asked my son what his ideal teacher would look like, and I was interested to listen to what he had to say. He told me that he thought teachers should be clever, fair, thoughtful, empathetic, kind, funny (sometimes – they also need to be respected), to never bully children, strict without going too far, and not shouting too much.

Would you add anything else to that? These are what I would add to my son’s suggestions;

  1. They need to know what they’re talking about to make classes interesting.
  2. They need to be liked and respected by the pupils, as well as firm and fair in making sure good behaviour is rewarded and bad behaviour is dealt with quickly.
  3. They need to be interesting. Boring teachers are the worst; I remember one of my teachers when I was at school always reading from a piece of paper and never looking up at the class. She was SO boring.
  4. They need to be nice people who you can talk to if you don’t understand something.

Having good teachers is so important; they’re the ones who can make learning interesting and (hopefully) fun. When I was in Year One, a long time ago, my teacher was Miss Smith. She wasn’t a very nice teacher; she would treat me horribly (shout at me all the time) for no good reason, and I stopped looking forward to school.

Thankfully, I told my parents about it, and they spoke to the headteacher, who dealt with it pretty quickly. In the end, Miss Smith left the school, which was best; she was making a lot of children unhappy, and that’s not what school should be about.

School is so important, because we spend a lot of our time there, and we need good teachers to make sure our lessons are interesting. Appreciate your good teachers, and never be afraid to say when a teacher makes you sad.

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