What Does “Gay” Mean?

The word “gay” stands for a man who only fancies other men, or a girl who only fancies other girls. Simple enough.

Lots of people are gay; they’re black and white, tall and short, serious and funny … and pretty much any other example you can think of. We all know people who are gay – you might not even realise it, because they’re single, or because they’re actually bi (where they fancy men and women – wow, what choices they get!).

But you know what? Some people are idiots, because they actually believe that the word “gay” can be used as an insult! How stupid is that? I don’t know why people think that; it’s like using the word “table” or “ukulele” to insult people. Some people are just plain daft (and my son helped me choose those random words, so thanks Bryan!).

So don’t let anyone call you “gay” as an insult, because it’s just a describing word like “table” or “ukulele”. Being gay is just fancying someone who is the same gender as you, so how can it be an insult? Some people are gay, some people are straight, and there’s no problem about what you are – so don’t ever let anyone insult you for who you are!

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