What Does the Prime Minister Do?

We hear about the Prime Minister on TV and radio and the internet, but what does he or she actually do?

They’re the leader of a political party, and the biggest party is usually in charge of the country. That leader then becomes Prime Minister, and he or she chooses a group of people to help them run the country; Education, Health, the Treasury (which looks after the money), and so on. They all then meet every week to talk about what they’re planning to do.

But Prime Ministers and their supporters will disagree with other politicians about what to do; one group might think that taxes should be higher or lower, that school children should have to take more or fewer exams (which would you prefer?), or how long someone should be in prison for. They will then have a debate and try and win the argument; maybe you’ve seen the House of Commons on TV, where the politicians are talking (and shouting) at each other other. It can get pretty loud sometimes, and the debate can go on for hours sometimes … or days … or weeks!

And the Prime Minister is the head of all the government’s work. What would your first decision be as Prime Minister? Mine would be compulsory chocolate breaks at work every day, and my son said that he would make me let him have chocolate for his dinner. Hmm, we’ll see about that, son!

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