What is Sex?

Sex is the easiest way for a man and a woman to make a baby. But there’s more to it than that; adults can have sex without wanting to have a baby (they do it for fun), and only a man and a woman can make a baby like this. Two men or two women having sex can’t make babies.

Sex isn’t really as complicated as it sounds. It’s something adults do together; a lot of people in relationships do it (although a lot of couples choose not to have sex, because they don’t want it), and single people can often just meet to have a nice time.

Sex should feel good; if it doesn’t, then there’s something not quite right. Both people involved should think about what’s going wrong and be willing to try and figure it out – and both people should also want to have sex. If someone says no, then it’s not okay – it’s never okay – to carry on.

Something else to remember is that, according to the law of our country, you must be over sixteen to have sex. That’s really important; if anyone tries to convince you to do anything when you’re under that age, say no and talk to an adult you trust so that they can help you.

But most of all, remember this; sex is a normal part of most relationships, between people who love and respect each other, but some relationships do equally as well without sex. Don’t feel pressured into doing things you don’t want to do; just enjoy the relationships you have in whatever way works for you.

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