What Jobs Can I Do When I’m Older?

Let me ask a different question first; what do you want to do when you’re older? Would you like to be a chef? Maybe a police officer? A builder? A comedian? Don’t ask what you’re “allowed” to do, ask what you “want” to do?

Different jobs need different qualifications. A writer like me didn’t have to study for any particular exams. Science writers, like my good friend Charlie, need to have studied science (obviously); writers who write about engineering need to be trained. Fiction writers like me need to have a lot of creativity and imagination, they need to know the English language very well, and they to be passionate about writing.

Did you know that medical doctors study at university for seven years? That’s a long time, but there’s a lot to learn. Nurses, too, spend a lot of time at university, as do lawyers – both very important jobs,

But you don’t have to go to university to do an important job. Think about it like this; would you rather enjoy what you do or be bored by what you do?

But if you’re eight or fifteen and don’t know what you want to do, Don’t Panic. It’s okay. A lot of people haven’t figured out what they want to do when they’re 20! When I was a kid, I went through a list of different jobs;

  • Policeman
  • Fireman
  • Nurse
  • Doctor
  • Professional Book Reader (that’s not a paid job, but I wish it was)
  • Chef
  • Scientist
  • Prime Minister
  • Historian
  • Journalist
  • Actor
  • Dancer (that didn’t last very long – I can’t dance!)

I was in my twenties before I figured out that writing could be a job; I’ve always loved writing stories, and so I decided to do that. I love doing it, I really do; it makes me happy. What makes you happy?

I know people who do a job because someone in their family did it before them, or because they were told that was what they should do. I’d hate that.

I’ve been given plenty of advice about jobs – from a careers advisor as school, from my parents, from my friends – but it was just advice; no-one has made me do anything.

Do a job that makes you happy; don’t let anyone tell you what the “right” job is. A road sweeper or setting up your own business is equally interesting if you’re enjoying it, finding it interesting, and getting paid a decent amount of money for it. Go for it!

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