What Makes a Good Friend?

We all want to have good friends, people who make us feel good and who we enjoy spending time with. I asked my son what he thought a good friend looked like, and he said, “Someone who is respectful, kind, and shows good values. It’s important that you respect people, because you might make a friend. Even if you don’t, it’s nice to be kind to people.” Well put, son.

But how can you tell the difference between a good friend and one that’s not so good? It’s important to only spend time with people who are nice, kind, and supportive. If they’re not, then they’re probably not a very good friend.

Here are some ideas about what good friends look like;

  1. You feel happy when you see them. They make you feel good and you enjoy spending time with them.
  2. Sharing your thoughts, ideas, and treats with each other. You want to share things with your friends (you don’t have to share everything to be a good friend, but things that you both like and enjoy can be nice to share).
  3. Loyalty / sticking up for each other. This one’s definitely important – we should always support each other, stick up for them, and support them in what they want to do.
  4. Have fun. This is definitely important! We should have fun with our friends when we spend time with them. This could be in the playground, when we visit each other’s houses, or when we’re out with them.
  5. Respecting each others’ differences. No two people think exactly the same; even identical twins have different opinions. It’s absolutely fine to have different opinions; anyone who tries to make you think the same way as them isn’t a very good friend, and not someone you should want to spend time with.

We all enjoy spending time with our friends. We’ll have different friendships during our lives – people we go to school with, or work with, or meet during parties, or any one of a hundred other places. Friends are cool; always make sure you spend your time with ones who make you feel good, and you’ll have a good time.

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