What Part of the Body Would Hurt the Most if You Broke it?

There are quite a few parts of the human body that would hurt if you broke or did something equally as bad to it. Here’s three of the most painful;

Shin bone (also known as the tibia); It’s a really strong bone, so it takes a lot of force to break it. When it does break, it can often tear the muscle and skin as well. Triple ouch!

Ribs; If you crack one, it’s very sore, but if you break one … gosh, it hurts. Your ribs move every time you breathe – which you do about 20 times every minute – so imagine your broken rib having to move 20 times a minute just to accommodate your lungs. A definite ouch!

Tailbone; Did you know that we’ve all got one of these? We’re descended from animals that had tails, and we don’t need them as human beings, but the tailbone has survived. We don’t use it, but it sits there just above our backsides anyway and we don’t notice it most of the time.

But, if it gets hit particularly hard (usually from sitting awkwardly), the tail bone can break – and oh boy, it hurts! You will probably have to sit on pillows for ages while it heals and take lots of pain medication.

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