Why Do Adults Have to Go to Work?

Work is something most adults do; some are too ill to work, some can afford not to work, and some people can struggle to find work. But most people work for a combination of reasons;

  1. The companies we work for pay us, which means we can afford things – food, clothes, fun stuff.
  2. We often enjoy work. Jobs can be interesting and fun (and annoying from time to time), and keep our minds active.
  3. We get to socialise with people at work too; we sometimes make friends and get to spend time with them at lunch or during the day.

I bet there are times when you think it would be lovely to not have to get up and go to school every day; but imagine it, never having any routine or any learning or any time with your friends during the day. Wouldn’t that get boring after a while? It’s the same for adults; we need activity as well, especially when you’re at school.

We need to pay bills – our mortgage or rent, our food, our trips out at the weekend. To pay for all those things, we need to earn money, and work is the best way to do that. I’m a single dad, so I’m the only one in the family who can do it. In two-parent families, they either both work, or one works and the other stays at home to look after the children until they’re a lot older.

Us parents love spending time with our children, we really do, but we need to make sure we can pay for everything too. It’s because we love our children that we go out and earn money to do precisely that; we look forward to coming home and seeing you at the end of the day as well, to hear about your day, and to tell you anything interesting that happened in ours. That’s definitely a brilliant part of the day.

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