Why Do I Feel Sad Sometimes?

Let’s start off with two important facts;

  1. Everyone gets sad sometimes.
  2. It’s okay to get sad.

Like any other emotion, people can feel just a bit sad, or a lot, or somewhere in between. These feelings might last for just a few seconds or a few days; it can be hard to tell how long these feelings are going to last for sometimes.

But remember that sad feelings won’t last forever. There are people around you who want to help – a parent or guardian, maybe, or an aunt or uncle, family friend, teacher … or all of them!

If there are adults like that you trust, then talk to them; it’s okay to be honest about your feelings, because they will genuinely want to help you deal with your feelings.

There are also some things you can do yourself to start getting out of the sad emotions you’re feeling;

  1. Try and figure out why you feel sad. Did something happen at school? Have you had an argument with someone? Are you missing someone? When you’ve figured out why you feel sad, you can perhaps do something about it; resolve the argument, talk to your friends, or ask advice on how to sort out the problem.
  2. Never give up. If something goes wrong, try again – be persistent. You can give it another ago, and tell yourself that you tried; be proud of yourself for that, and figure out what you learnt.
  3. Think kind thoughts about yourself. Remind yourself of some nice things about yourself; you’re a nice person, so tell yourself that!
  4. Ask for help. Never be afraid to ask for help. Adults will always want to help you get better!
  5. Find things that might help cheer you up. Whilst you’re trying to deal with the situation, although take time to do things you enjoy. That might be a bike ride or reading a book or playing a game – whatever it is, then do it.

Life might not be as bad as it seems, although it’s always fine to feel any emotion. Just be honest about it and help yourself, as well as allowing others to help and support you.

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