Why Do I Have to Go to School?

School is important; it teaches you things you need to know, is a place where you can make friends, and can be a good place to spend your days.

All children, by law, must receive an education; your parents can choose a school funded by tax (which adults pay when they’re working), a private school (where parents pay a HUGE amount of money every year), or can teach their children at home. Most parents send their children to a school funded by tax (a “state school”); my son goes to one, which he tells me he likes.

When you go to school, there are rules about what the teachers need to teach you; English, Maths, Science, and so on. They need to try and make sure you’re reaching certain targets by particular ages – that you know particular words, your times tables, certain topics in history, what the world looks like, and so on.

It’s good if your family can help you learn; they can encourage you on the stuff you find easy and give you some help on the stuff you find hard. I remember when I was at school, I wasn’t very good at Maths; when I was giving Maths homework, I would ask my parents for help. Unfortunately, they didn’t particularly like Maths either, so we end up learning about it together! My son really enjoys Maths – I think he’ll end up teaching me stuff!

It’s important to know all these different things; where countries are in the world, the history of our country, how we find out about space and computers and new medicines, and lots of other things too. It’s important that we know there’s a big wide world out there and that kids can grow up to do so many different things; how will you know what you’re interested in if you don’t learn lots of different subjects?

School is a brilliant place to make friends too. You might have friends outside of school, of course, but you get to see school friends every day; you’re not going to get on with everyone, and that’s fine, but when you make friends, it’s great to spend time with them, play with them, and learn with them.

Learning is good – it’s important too. School gives you the chance to learn a lot about different subjects and discover why everything is the way it is. School has the chance to make life even more interesting.

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