Why Do People Die?

At some point, we all experience a person’s death; perhaps you already have. If that’s happened, I’m so sorry; it really does make you sad.

Our bodies can only survive for a certain number of years. We don’t know why our bodies eventually stop working, but they do. If you hear that someone has died of “old age”, this is what that means; when a body has reached its natural limit of years.

But people can also die after an accident or an illness; sometimes, doctors can fix them, but there are times when our medicines just aren’t enough to heal them.

People often asks what happens to their personality – their soul or spirit, in another phrase – when they die. The truth is, we can’t be entirely sure. If you belong to a religion, you might believe that they go to heaven or paradise. But we just don’t know for sure. Will we ever find out? Maybe. Clever people are always talking about this question, and we might one day figure out a way to find out for sure; but right now, we have to decide for ourselves.

When a person dies, we hold a funeral for them; it might sound odd, but a funeral is a way for us to celebrate their life. We can meet other people who knew them, share stories about their life, and have some time with people who all knew and cared for them.

When we love someone, and find out that they have died, it’s incredibly sad. We miss them a lot, because they’re important to us, and it’s okay to feel sad. We’ll often cry, and it’ll take time to figure out our emotions; it won’t all happen in one day. Don’t worry about how much time it’ll take to figure out your feelings; it’s different for everyone. But while you’re going through all this, it’s also okay to laugh if you feel like it too – maybe you remember something about them that made you laugh; a joke they told, or the time they fell over and landed on their bum!

When someone dies, we will always miss them; even years later, we might suddenly think of them at some random moment and get upset. But then we might think of them again and remember a time they made us laugh a lot. Both of those things are okay, and sometimes we even get both feelings together at the same time. Sounds a bit weird, but it can happen.

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