Why Do Some People Like Sports & Some Don’t?

Well, there’s an easy answer to this one – because everyone is different! Yes, it really is that simple.

Sport is a great way to keep fit and healthy, and there are so many different types of sport – football (boo), tennis (yay), rugby, and cricket (my dad likes cricket, although I don’t understand why – I find it so boring!). Some people even call darts a sport, although I’d disagree with that.

We can divide ourselves into a few different camps;

  1. People who love to play sports.
  2. People who love to watch sports.
  3. People who love to do both.
  4. People who love to do neither.

I’m pretty much a Number 4; I might watch a really interesting rugby match (a cup final, or something like that), and I remember watching the penalty shoot-outs of the 1996 Euro Cup Semi-Finals where the English football lost. That was exciting because it was really down to the last seconds; I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a football match before or since.

Some of my friends are absolutely sports mad; one of my friends hasn’t found a sport he can’t find interesting to some degree, I think. Some of my son’s friends love football, yet he and I have absolutely zero interest in it.

You don’t have to like sport to be cool; a few daft people think that sport makes you into a naturally cool person, but that’s not always the case. And you can be equally as interesting and cool if you like books or Lego or music; it doesn’t matter what you enjoy, it makes you cool.

So don’t worry if you don’t like sport; you’re an interesting person because the other things you like. You can talk about all of them with people like you – and maybe even different people; you might even make some people interested in it!

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