Why Do We Have Eyebrows?

Our eyebrows are important, although it might be difficult to imagine why. Some people have bushy eyebrows, and some have tiny, thin ones. I’ve met lots of people who even pluck all the hairs out and then draw pretend eyebrows on with special pencils! Look in the mirror and try to imagine what your own face might look like with drawn-on eyebrows. A bit odd, yeah?

Anyway, the question wasn’t, “What would we look like with pencil lines above our eyes?” (although we’ve answered that for you as well!). So, let’s talk eyebrows. There’s actually two main reasons why we usually have eyebrows.

The first reason is that they protect our eyes. When our face gets wet (either from sweat or the rain), the water runs down our forehead. If we didn’t have eyebrows, the drops would fall easily into our eyes and mean that we couldn’t see very well. Some scientists think that this evolved thousands of years ago when human beings first evolved and were being hunted for food; if we couldn’t see properly, we wouldn’t know where the dangerous animals were who might be hunting us.

Secondly, eyebrows are really useful when we are trying to work out body language and people’s expressions. Take a look in a mirror and scrunch your eyebrows into a frown. That makes you look annoyed, doesn’t it? Now raise them both up as high as possible. You look surprised!

Eyebrows are definitely useful, aren’t they? Whether they’re bushy or skinny, blonde or brown, we should celebrate our eyebrows and waggle them around at every opportunity!

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