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What does an interesting blog look like? It’s hard to fully work it out, because what’s interesting to one person is deathly dull to the next; I’m always amazed when I meet people who have no interest in science fiction, for example. A friend of mine can sit and absorb reams of material about making clothes that I don’t understand in the slightest; it means a lot to her, so it would be churlish of me to dismiss it – even if it’s not a subject I can talk about beyond the obvious fashions I’m interested in.

Blogging is endlessly popular – as, now, is podcasting. I find myself to be rather obsessed with podcasts these days; they’re easy to listen to whilst I’m out on a (now rare) long walk. I don’t know how good I’d be at doing a podcast, however; I have the perfect speaking voice for silent films, and I love writing – that’s my burning passion.

Channeling my energies more into a blog is something I’ve tried to do before, but perhaps lacked the coherent message to know what I wanted to write about. I’ve crafted posts I’ve been proud of on all sorts of different topics, but perhaps I’d have been better off focusing my posts on a depth of topics I know more about.

Perhaps …

But what makes a good blog? If you type that question into Google, it comes up with more web pages than I could even begin to visualise. People are obviously asking the same question as I am, but the answers are rather academic and personal – they range from “How to monetise your blog and make thousands from it” to “How to communicate ideas effectively using these 47 steps.” For heaven’s sake … No help there.

The blogs I enjoy reading are those that hook me straight away, and I often find them by accident – shared with me by a friend or from websites I read. So perhaps I need to write about things that interest me, knowing that there are niche markets for everything – whilst I worry about there being people out there who have a similar mindset to me (one of me is enough, surely?), I can undoubtedly tailor my writing to more focused groups of people.

Now I just need to decide how precisely that will work. Give me a few days to figure it out, would you?

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